A Note From a Cancer Survivor

  • In my 35 years of doing psychotherapeutic treatment I have treated many oncology patients. I knew what it was to be a doctor. In September 2011 it was discovered that I had a very aggressive cancer that required immediate attention. I now know what it is like to be a patient.

I had surgery with Dr. Kawachi at the City of Hope and am now a cancer survivor and am acutely aware of the process that cancer patients and their families endure from the initial diagnosis through surgery and subsequent treatment. I have a personal understanding of the emotional and physical toll that the process has on it's victims, and the hurdles that a person can be left with even as a survivor.

I would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you and discuss the possibility of therapy and strategies to handle the range of emotions that accompany cancer and it's course.

Dr. Lester Summerfield.

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Treatment and Support for Cancer Patients, Survivors and family members.

Lester Summerfield - Live Life

I can offer you support with the following:
  • - Rediscovering your optimism, courage and strength.
  • - Setting goals for life plans.
  • - Coping strategies.
  • - Depression and anxiety.
  • - Setting a plan, physical and psychological.
  • - Relaxation training.
  • - Working with doctors and specialists.
  • - Hospital consultations.
    - Family member support, giving and receiving.
  • - Communicating with physicians.
  • - Coping with physical changes.
  • - Dealing with long term changes.


  • This support can be in the form of:
  • - Private sessions.
  • - Private groups.
  • - Support / focus groups.
  • - Family sessions.
  • - Communication with your medical team.

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