My Philosophies

I am very respectful of other people's philosophies of life, religions and spiritual views, regardless of the individual’s diverse points of view. I perceive that as a psychologist having thirty plus years of practice in the Conejo Valley that I have enjoyed being a general practitioner, having a number of sub-specialties. Click here to learn more about my Services.

I have truly enjoyed the years that I have worked with people in this community. I feel that I have enough humility to recognize that I may not be the best choice for everyone. I would hope to have the opportunity to connect well with you, and facilitate your growth and desire to change.

I would likely be described as eclectic in my approach, and I am a primarily cognitive/behavioral therapist (CBT) that works towards goals to facilitate change. I am adamant to treat each person individually rather than formulating stereotypic models known as “hardening of the categories”.

I have had the good fortune to have some of the finest teachers in psychology instructing me: Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Everett Shostrom, Harold Greenwald, Lew Yablonsky and George Bach. I have a great deal of gratitude to these fine theorists and professors in my field that allowed me to study personally with them. In this community there are many professionals in the field of psychology, psychiatry, law and medicine that have been supportive of my practice, and likewise I have had the good fortune to work with many of these colleagues as professional sources who have cared for my patients.