Family Law

Psychological and mediation services for children and adults in the divorce process:

My divorce and post divorce services are designed to serve those families that are in the process of reassessing their divorce and post divorce relationship. I am often appointed by judges and family law attorneys in Ventura and Los Angeles County to perform various psychological services:

Services Include: **

Supportive therapy for adults in the divorce process
Therapist for children and adolescent who are undergoing the trauma of divorcing or divorced parents. (Can be court or family lawyer appointed).
Mediation of issues of conflict in the course of divorce.
Co-parenting therapy and coordination of a parenting plan.
Parental fitness evaluations.
I will serve as an expert witness, testifying in court as required.
Reunification therapist. (Will do counseling of child and parent).
Special Master

** I do not perform the following services:

730 child custody evaluator.

There are many circumstances where it is propitious for me to have permission from both parental parties in order to treat a minor; this is not always the case as many times there are extenuating circumstances.